Issue fixed over phone
Explain your Issue

Call us on 01704 834363

Explain your issue. We will check your boiler warranty and decide if an engineer call out is required.

Engineer visit
Manufacturer call out recommended
Issue Fixed

Issue fixed over the phone (This happens surprisingly often). (No fee.)

Engineer Visit

Our Engineer visits and investigates.
(£60 call out fee.)

Call Out

Issue deemed to be with boiler under warranty. (Manufacturer call out recommended.)

Repair - Call out - New boiler
Repair Estimate

Our Engineer provides a repair estimate.

Boiler repair Steps
Parts Ordered

Estimate Accepted, parts ordered.

Boiler repair Steps
Return Visit

Once parts arrive, a return visit is booked.

Call Out

Our engineer recommends that the boiler manufacturer is called out.
(Quite often this is a fixed fee.)

New Boiler

Our engineer recommends that a new boiler may be the most cost effective solution.

Boiler repair Steps
Formal Quotation

Free, no-obligation survey booked and formal quotation provided.

Boiler repair Steps

New boiler installed by us (£60 call out waived)